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Pixelmator Pro basics. Create, open, and save images. Working with layers. Pixelmator Pro keyboard shortcuts. Table of Contents. Erase using the Smart Erase tool The Smart Erase tool erases similarly colored areas of an image, which is very useful for removing solid color backgrounds. Blending Mode. Also in the Tool Options bar. If you try to paint using a dark brush on a light layer with, for example, the Lighter Color blending mode, nothing will happen.

Normal is the basic setting you should use if you don’t need a specific blend mode. Brush settings like flow. This will be in the Brushes palette. There are a few more settings that can be accidentally changed and cause issues, but those are by far the most common ones. Sat Mar 21, pm I can erase jpegs added to a document, but I can’t erase any part of a shape created natively in Pixelmator.

Mon Mar 23, am Hi Neal. The Eraser erases pixels from bitmap layers. Hope this helps. Sun Feb 14, pm My Eraser was showing as a white brush.. I lost 30 mins to this See Interface overview to learn more about the Tool Options pane. You can also enter a value from 1 to px. Softness: Drag the Softness slider to adjust the softness of the edges of the Erase tool brush. Smoothing: Smoothing automatically smooths out brush strokes as you paint allowing for straighter, more stable lines.

In the Brushes Browser, you can choose a brush from the collections on the left or search for brushes by name using the search field at the top. See Paint with the Paint tool to learn more about creating, deleting, renaming brush collections, and more using the Brushes Browser. You can also use the [ and ] keys on your keyboard to change the size of the Erase tool brush. Drag on the canvas to erase.


Eraser Not Working with Wacom Intuous (Latest Model) – Pixelmator Community.

Follow thread. You can also use the [ and ] keys on your keyboard pixelmator eraser tool not working free change the size of the Erase tool brush. Fri Dec 07, am Нажмите для деталей there, I tried the file and was able to erase without issues, so it may be a settings problem — could you email us about this at support pixelmator. It looks like the eraser is set to erase with grey rather than white but that does not seem sensible. Pixelmator Community. Wed Sep 02, am I have got it to work now! Up until this /1830.txt my Pixelmator version 3.


– Can’t get eraser tool to work – Pixelmator Community


Mon Sep 23, am I have been removing the almost-monotone background from my product shots by using the magic eraser to select the background colour which should be grey, but actually photographs as a yellow-grey shade, but that is in another post dropping a bucket of white paint on it.

My workflow is as follows: – Show the alignment grid – Edit – transform – Adjust rotation – Crop – Adjust exposure – Select background and paint it white or black. I have been conducting science experiments with colour correction with no success, but that is another post. Until about an hour ago, this workflow worked perfectly – the magic eraser put a grey-white checkerboard on the selected area, and the paint bucket replaced it as I wanted.

I have been doing this for months and it has been perfectly repeatable. Now, the magic is gone – magic eraser is superimposing its checkerboard onto the yellow-grey colour that is already there to give a muddy checkerboard, and the paint bucket does not seem to recognise that the magic eraser selection.

Deleting the pxm file and starting again does not fix it, so I have changed something persistent. Behaviour is the same on all images since it started happening. Swipe in from the left-hand edge of the canvas. This will reveal the layers panel. Tap, hold, then drag the white layer behind your sketch. Your image should re-appear with the grey holes filled in.

You can hide the layers panel at any time by swiping it off-screen. If this doesn’t work or if anything is unclear, come back and I or someone else will be sure to help. Also, have a click on the question mark in the top right. There’s a whole load of info behind this. Hope this helps. Alternatively, if you’re most comfortable working in a single layer and you’re always working with a white background, use white paint instead of an eraser and paint over things with that.

That works, too. Tue May 14, pm Just add another layer below the one you are drawing on and make it white. Love it. Thu May 16, pm Thanks st3f! I hope the OP found the answer he was looking for.


Erase tool behaves like a fat grey paintbrush – Pixelmator Community

Apr 19,  · It didn’t work. No box after clicking and dragging. Nothing. I tried the elliptical marquee tool. Same thing. Other tools seemed to work ok. After 10 mins of quitting the app and restarting and getting the same thing, I restarted the Macbook. This time both tools worked. I have tried to do a similar this morning and both the Marquee tools aren. Aug 15,  · 1) Select the eraser tool (Makes sure it is the eraser tool and not the magic eraser tool) 2) Select your brush 3) Select the layer you want to work on 4) Ctrl+click on the canvas and change the diameter and / or hardness of the brush 5) Click and drag to erase. Opacity should not be 0 off course. Keep in mind that there is no ‘text’ there in the sense of the text tool. The text tool creates actual editable text that is rasterized ‘on the fly’. If the text is already part of an image layer, the software just sees those as pixels. The eraser tool erases pixels and doesn’t really care if they are black or gray so that won’t work.

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