The Virus From Outer Space

Vírus do Espaço Sideral

The fall

On the far horizon of the skies, an object traced the darkness of night with a luminous tail in free fall directly to Earth. And in an area of dense forest in the city of Paulínia – SP, the fall happened.

Paula, a woman nearly 35 years old, appeared in despair running from the middle of the trees where the space object had fallen. A large black bag in his hands hid something he found at the crash site.

Something like green blood trickled through his hands. After a trip that caused him to fall, he got up and continued until he reached his car. A chevette with slightly time-worn paint and nearly bald tires. He got in and quickly tried to start the car to get out of there, but his car never started on the first attempt.

Suddenly a figure rose from the backseat of his car. It was a strange man dressed in black who hid in the shadows, and could not be seen clearly due to his large hat. Within seconds, the shock in the rearview mirror made Everton look back. But it was too late. In one swift move the man in black drew his revolver and shot Everton to the head. Blood and brains splashed through the car's windows.

The purchase

It was midnight. Carlos was anxious. He had arranged to buy something from a mysterious man he met on the deep web. Codename "Mr K". His car arrived on a long-forgotten iron bridge that crossed a great river. He stopped his car at the beginning of the bridge with the headlights on, the only light there.

Then, on the other side, another car arrived and also stopped on the other side of the bridge. It was 'Mr K', the man in black with his classic hat who started to walk halfway across the bridge with a large suitcase.

Carlos also went halfway with a heavy package full of cash. When they met at the center, Carlos asked to see if the content of the suitcase was what was agreed.

- Can I check the briefcase? - asked Carlos very anxiously.

The man in black only consented with a nod that said yes.

Carlos opened the briefcase. A thick smoke in a strong green light ran down his feet, which trembled on the old bridge plates with every movement he made.

- Splendid. babbled Carlos.

He handed over the money and they both left.

The virus

It was a cold, wet night. Carlos had just arrived to change shifts from his work at the Alvares Spoletta Morgue, which would go from 8:00 pm that night until 8:00 am the next morning. 

Robert, his co-worker, now visibly relieved that his shift was over, passed the information to his co-worker that a body had just arrived:

- Carlos, a fresh body just arrived for work. Try to see this through ‘cause in the morning the police are gonna need it. 

Carlos nodded coldly and let a slight smile escape. Anxious, he entered with enthusiasm. With him was a briefcase, apparently metallic and relatively large. 

Robert always suspected that something in his colleague was unnatural, and that night he could feel that something was not right. Why was Carlos looking forward to the early morning work with a strange suitcase like that? He always arrived tired and disheartened. He decided to investigate this more closely.

While Carlos put on his white coat and prepared to enter room number five, or drawer room, like they called the necropsy site among colleagues, Robert walked silently between rooms to look through the glass.

The room next to the necropsy had an anteroom, suitable for observations by resident physicians, medical students, police officers, professionals in the field and even for supervisors to check whether the work was being done well. It was here that Robert would observe the events of that night. 

Carlos had already entered with his briefcase. He put it on a chair and went to look at the charts to find out which drawer the newly arrived corpse was in. Drawer number one. He clapped his hands together, rubbing them anxiously, and walked over to his briefcase. He went there and opened it leaving the corpse exposed there.

He then removed it from the chair and placed it on the table with its back to the small window from which Robert was watching. First the lid of the briefcase was opened. Then Carlos began to adjust something in there. A minute later a bright green light and smoke began to emanate from within. 

Robert still couldn't see what the content was, and his curiosity only increased. 

Carlos then went to a nearby table and grabbed a large syringe. He went back to the briefcase and filled it with some kind of green serum that was inside. 

He looked at the corpse and walked over to it. He took a deep breath like he was hoping something would work, and then injected that almost fluorescent green liquid into the inanimate body's arm. 

He stopped and stood still for another minute.Now he was worried, preoccupied, but he was waiting.

Robert noticed that Carlos' gaze was fixed on the corpse, so he also left all his attention to look closely at that body, even though the briefcase was the target of his greatest curiosity.

After a minute of staring, something unbelievable started to happen. The fingers of that once lifeless body were now moving. Soon the feet began to make small movements, and suddenly the body was now sitting upright in that drawer. 

Carlos started to vibrate and laugh very loudly, happy with the result that maybe was what he expected and it continued like this while the body made some movements. Another minute passed and like a reflex the body jumped out of that drawer and began to scream. It was a cry of pain, of agony. With no consistency or patterns, the body ran bewilderedly until it threw itself against a wall and fell again static to the ground. 

It looked dead. Carlos now changing his expression to a very big disappointment, shouting:

- No, no, nooooo!

While the body was now lying on the floor, Carlos, disappointed, began to walk towards the entrance to that room. Robert in despair hid in a dark part so that his colleague would not see him. 

It looked like Carlos was going to the bathroom, in another aisle and went straight ahead. 

Robert, despite his face of despair and shock, was still curious to know what was inside the briefcase. It was just a quick glance and he would quickly go back into hiding. And that's what he did. 

Silently, on tiptoe, Robert walked into the room, which already had the door left open by Carlos. He reached for the briefcase and looked at the contents. His shocked expression had grown even more. It was a glass with what looked like an alien fetus inside, surrounded by a fluorescent green liquid. Unbelievable once again. 

Perhaps his shock had been so great that he didn't notice that Carlos was now right behind him, and before he knew it he was hit hard on the head. He fainted. 

With a blurred vision as he woke, and trying to regain consciousness, Robert realized that he was now lying down and tied to a table. Carlos, realizing that he had woken up, started a quick conversation:

- Ah Robert my dear colleague, you weren't supposed to be here. But you are and you can't tell anyone about it. But I know, I will inject this solution into your living body so that I can assess the effect it will have on you.

- Carlos, why are you doing this? Please don’t do that. 

- Robert, imagine that with this I can discover the cure for death? If you don't survive, think that it won't be in vain. 

While Robert begged for his life, Carlos prepared a new solution in that big syringe. 

Suddenly the lights in the room started to blink and something bright started to project itself in some external windows that were there. A very strong light. Objects around the room began to shake. Then came the light. White and nothing else. Now the silence. Carlos, Robert, the body on the floor and the suitcase were gone.

The man in black

Somewhere, far away, Mr K watched the events of the morgue through a hidden camera. Looks like everything was going according to plan. Smoking his cigar and watching the TV, he tossed the rest of his smoke into the ashtray, exhaling the last smoke from his mouth, extinguishing the smoking tip of the tobacco, then got up and walked away.

Autor: Rene Sarli
Revisão e tradução: João Lopes

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