The Book of the Dead - Back to Hell


Fausto and Elias were closely bonded brothers happy with their lives. One fact that marked their presence wherever they went was that they were practitioners of black magic. With a fun and extroverted personality, they always ended up being accepted among their schoolmates because of their radiating joy, but still, deep down, each of their colleagues felt a certain fear and anguish for being next to black magic practitioners.

It was winter, but the weather was very pleasant that morning, with a refreshing breeze, and strong rays of sunlight shining through the treetops. Fausto and Elias decided to go to a stationery shop after school to buy some materials to make kites, Fausto’s idea, who always enjoyed this kind of activity. On the way Fausto decided to stop for a few moments to tie his All Star sneakers, and Elias, anxiously wanting to get to the store right away, decided not to wait for his brother and to go ahead shopping without him.

A little further...

An man hiding inside an abandoned building was in agony that his last drug stocks were gone. Distressed, he decided to take a look by poking his head out of the old, half-open gate of the building, which was surrounded by walls two meters high. The first thing he saw was Elias walking past the gate. Not thinking twice, the miscreant pulled him inside with all the strength and speed he could. Fausto, as he raised his head to get up, could see only a trace of Elias' feet disappearing into the building. Frightened, he got up and ran as fast as he could in that direction. A few meters away, the unknown individual passed through the gate leaving the building and ran at great speed after looking at Fausto with a desperate and fugitive look in his eyes. His heart raced, and at first glance through the gap in the gate, he could see what would change his life forever. Elias was lying on the floor with a knife stuck to his chest and uttering indecipherable words. Fausto, now with tears running from his face, crouched down beside his brother's stretched body saying:

- Hold on my brother. I'll call the ambulance and you'll be fine.

Picking up his cell phone he started to dial. But before the first ring of the call could be heard, Elias replied:

- I don't want to die, brother. I cannot die. Help me.

- Hold on Elias, I will not let you die I promise ..... Elias? Elias? Wake up ..... No !!!

Cold and breathless, Elias had uttered his last words. Fausto, listening to the attendant's words on the phone, said nothing. Just hung up.

Faust didn't have to think twice. He ran wildly, after closing the gate, to his home, and from there he brought a black book they had bought from an old wizard who claimed to have written that book on human skin with human blood. In strange words that only few knew was written as the title: Book of the Dead.

Livro dos Mortos

Fausto opened the book exactly on the page he wanted, because he knew that entire book, every page and magic contained in it.

The magic he needed at that moment: Resurrection of the dead. Faust was not quite sure of its results, but as a last promise to his brother, he needed to bring him back to life. Along with the book, Fausto also brought a backpack and a shovel. He put everything on the floor near his brother's body, took off his shirt and started digging. After a few hours, late at night, the grave was ready. Without resting he went to the backpack and removed some tiny plastic bags with various types of combinations of ingredients. The last addition to his potion was a red rose bud. He tore off the petals and added it to the drink. Then he removed the thorns from the plant's stem and threw it as the last ingredient, stirring the stem of the rose, now without thorns.

Faust went to his brother's body and turned that liquid all over Elias' mouth, forcing the rose's thorns down his throat with the liquid. Then he dragged his brother to the grave he had just prepared and buried him. That was very powerful and dangerous magic and Faust knew it. He also knew that he did not have all the knowledge and preparation necessary for that ritual, but he still needed to do it.

He knelt before his brother's grave, and chanting songs in a strange language invoked the power of the dead. A strong storm fell in the city that dawn.

Faust awoke lying in clay a few meters from where his brother was buried. But nothing had changed, and a tight grip on Faust's heart caused tears to run down his face in a large amount, as he had failed. The first rays of sunlight were already exposed, but somehow the sky darkened slightly, as if a new storm was approaching.

He stared at his brother's grave and noticed a slight earthquake there in his brother's sepulcher. Fausto took a shovel and started digging. Elias was alive. Faust shouted two words:

- It worked!!!!

As the earth slowly fell from his brother's face, Fausto realized that something was different. Elias, coughing, spat out some rose thorns surrounded by drops of blood, and made a great whisper:

- Ahhhh what a pain. Help me brother. My arms.....

Horrified, Faust realized that his ritual had not worked as he imagined. Elias' arms had rotted and fell in his first movement.

He was still sitting in the grave and on his first attempt to move his right leg, it broke loose, casting a cry of pain. His agony was increasing, and he could no longer speak a word, only moans of great pain and agony were expressed by his voice. In a few minutes, his face became increasingly white and Fausto was beginning to go into shock. Desperate and not knowing what to do, his last act was to get up, still in shock and with a straight blow with the shovel still full of mud, he cut off Elias' head. Faust had kept his promise, but his guilt was even greater now.

A few days have passed....

The city's police station received a call from an anonymous tip to investigate a strong stench coming from an abandoned building. The police arrived at the scene and, in addition to Elias, also found a construction beam with Fausto hanging by the neck tied by a power cord. The next day it was stamped on the cover of the city's main newspaper: Witchcraft ritual ends in death. The message body said: "Authorities still believe that it may have been the practice of a role playing game, where young people pretend to be fictional characters and end up killing each other by committing homicidal and suicidal acts."



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