I was still unconscious when I felt the first burns. Without the strength to open my eyes, I rolled to the side and I could see in this moment of extreme agony that the ground was burning for some reason. I got up with a lot of effort, because the burns on my back had weakened me. But now my feet were roasting on the ground…. the ground…. was on fire. I shot at full speed before realizing that there were no directions. Everything was devastated. It was just ash and fire. As I ran, almost without strength, I could see that in addition to the burns on my body, there was a scrap of metal through my collarbone. My body wanted to shut down, but I knew that if I fell on that floor again, I wouldn't get up.

With each step that I took a few pieces of flesh detached from my foot and stuck to the floor. I started to think what had happened, but my memory did not help me. It was then that I concluded that this was hell. But something was bothering me. My subconscious had something to say but I was wrong.

As my thoughts circled, my body was also starting to plummet. There was nowhere to go. In the infinite horizon, only devastation. I knelt before I saw something that would remind me of what was going on. The fragment of a poster that stamped the cover of a newspaper, which burned slowly because it was protected by some varnished material, said: “Are we close to the third world war? Some experts warn…. ”. The material ignited and became part of the devastation. In just a second after the first words read, everything came to mind. Television stations tried to warn the world population of the new war to come, but nuclear bombs were faster. I now felt the skin on my face burning in bubbles that ached in infinite pain, and a feeling of destruction inside my body made me vomit…. vomit blood. The taste left in my mouth said that my death was coming. Looking at the pool of blood on the floor, with my knees already fleshless, I remembered the last moments I had with my family, when at the infinite horizon a fire mushroom showed a spectacle of a few seconds, and now here I am, melting and dying little by little, suffering beyond the pain of the flesh, a desperate pain in the heart. My family's ashes must have been scattered all over my body, everywhere my eyes could see, and everywhere devastation could reach. It was enough to get me out of this world. Everything turned into nothing. 

It was only devastation.


Profissional na área de TI sempre tive como hobby escrever contos.

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